Considered by many to be

'The East Midland's No1 Male & Female* Waxer'

Stubborn hair can be hard to bear, but there’s no need to stress thanks to our excellent waxing hair removal salon in Belper, Derbyshire.

Lee Andrews Male Grooming

offers a range of waxing & hair removal services,

covering all areas of the body.

Lee is an expert Waxologist with over 10yrs experience

works to ensure that the hair removal process

is as quick and pain free as possible,

leaving you with smooth skin that lasts for weeks.

Lee only uses the highest quality products, Including Lycon Wax,

that should not irritate even the most sensitive of skin.

ALL New Clients must   BOOK ONLINE

All Booking are NON Refunable

There are certain things that you can do to prolong the effects of your wax and ensure that you don’t suffer from any negative after effects.

The day before your treatment, we recommend that you exfoliate with a gentle scrub to get rid of any dead skin, which may block pores after the wax and cause ingrown hairs.

For 24-48 hours after your wax. We advise that you do not go swimming in a chlorinated pool or use highly perfumed toiletries during this time as it may cause discomfort.

Lee offers a variety of

hair removal options,

from hot and strip waxing

for men and women.

Each option is particularly suited for specific areas of the body.

Waxing is a great all-round option but if you’re unsure of the best hair removal choice for you,

Please call Lee and he will be happy to advise.

Treatments Waxing & Shaving

Back & Shoulder: £30

BC&S -

Back Crack & Sac: £50

Back & Crack:  £40

Crack Inc. Full Bum: £30

Full Leg: £40

FULL Body:  £115

Nose & Ear Wax: £20

Intimate (from): £30

Teeth Whitening: £99 

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You accept full responsibility for the treatments you book and pay for..

NO responsibilty is accepted by

'Lee Andrews

* Lady Waxing is done at my discretion.

You have to be known or refered by a client.

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